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All images are © 2020, Fabio Barilari

Il Senso delle Cose / The Sense of Things

There's a bit of magic in everything

And then some loss to even things out

Lou Reed – Magic and Loss


Architecture, streets, squares, designed objects, spontaneous objects, details; all those things which define the character and personality of a place and shape the mood of people passing by, even briefly.

Falling in love with a place is like falling in love with a person, it happens in the same way and can take the same time: it's irrational, intimate and intangible.

The word "sense", used in the title, stands for "meaning" but also as "the ability to perceive" and therefore to "be alive". Il Senso delle Cose (The Sense of Things) is therefore a way to describe with illustrations, the soul of places, of locations, the objects found there and the memories cherished; it's a photograph of what the Latin people called genius loci.

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